Welcome To The Revolution Team Page

Team: WD Revolution
Age Level: U-19.
Head Coach: Mark Hopkins
Assistant Coach’s: Bob Miller & Mark Tumini.

Trainer: Adam Stewart

Cost:  $750 per year.

All fees include Registration, Player pass, Uniforms, Trainer Fees and all tournament Costs and Indoor leagues.)

Season League: Spring- We Play EDP Maps in the spring March-June.  We don’t play league games in the fall.


Two practices a week.  Starting in November. Winter Indoor Futsal and training at Fellowship Church Gym.
Two practices a week.  Outdoor late Feb or early March until Mid-June.

Winter Indoor 1: Indoor soccer session. (Total Turf or Mt Laurel)

Winter Indoor 2: Futsal usually in Mt Laurel. Jan to end of February (7 weeks)

Tournaments: Three or four tournaments per Year – Spring-Summer.

At least two are college showcase usually three if we play four tournaments.

We may play WD Thanksgiving Tournament in 2018.

Notes: We work with multi-sport athletes/school activities. We believe multi-sport athletes are more well-rounded. We are flexible as long there is open communication.

Please reach out to us any time with any questions or interest in joining our team.


Contact info

Mark Hopkins-856-236-7460-cell   markhopkins13@comcast.net.

Bob Miller-609-364-1469-cell.        Stewart20miller@comcast.net