Tournament Rules



 Rule #1 – TEAM ROSTER

Rosters must be submitted with your application.   Rosters will be considered official and become frozen at the time of registration. If you do not attend registration in person, your roster submitted with your application will be frozen on November 20, 2018.   A maximum of five (5) guest players will be allowed.  Teams will be allowed a maximum of 18 players for 11v11 teams and 14 players for 9v9 & 7v7 teams.


All teams MUST be state affiliated clubs or a member of US Club Soccer.  All players must have a valid player pass from their governing state organization or US Club Soccer which must be presented to the tournament committee at the time of registration. All games in which an ineligible player participates will be forfeited. Any team fielding an ineligible player is subject to disqualification from the tournament.  The tournament has the right to inspect all Player and Coaches passes before or during every game.  If you do not have a player’s pass, the player will not be allowed to play.


Players must have been in the year of their FIFA age bracket, or later.  All games in which an ineligible player participates will be forfeited.  Any team fielding an ineligible player is subject to disqualification from the tournament.  (Example: 2003 bracket (U16) is a team with players born on or after January 1, 2003.)


Substitution shall be unlimited, and may be made at the discretion of the referee(s) at the following times:

  1. Prior to a throw-in; For all games (U8-U19): When a team (A) is awarded a throw-in in their favor, the opposing team (B) may also substitute at the same time should the opponent (team A) request a substitution AND players of both teams are positioned at mid-field ready to enter the field. If a team does not take advantage of a substitution opportunity in their favor, the opposing team may not substitute a player(s).
  2. Prior to any goal kick.
  3. After a goal by any team.
  4. At half time.
  5. Injury – unlimited substitutions
  6. Yellow carded players shall be removed.


The length of games for 7v7 games will be 25 minute halves.  The length of games for 9 v 9 & 11V11 will be 30 minute halves.  Half time will be five minutes.  The clock shall be a running clock. The referee has the authority to stop the clock for a serious injury. The game will end five minutes prior to the scheduled start of the next game. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to alter the length of any game due to the weather or any other extenuating circumstances.

u-8 to U-10  Will play 7v7

u11 to u12 Will play 9v9

u-13 & above Will play 11 v 11

 Rule 5A – Injury –

Due to the intensity of the schedule, the referee will not stop the clock for injuries unless

in his/her judgment the injuries are severe or the player or team is using said injuries as a tactic to delay the match. However, all games will be terminated not less than five (5) minutes prior to the scheduled start of the next game.


Regardless of weather conditions, coaches and their teams must appear on the field at the scheduled time, unless notified otherwise by the Tournament Committee.  Failure to appear will result in forfeiture of the match.  All games will take place unless the Tournament Committee (or, after the start of the game, the referee) determines that the playing conditions are hazardous to players, or are otherwise unacceptable to the authorities responsible for the fields.  If a game is suspended for more than one hour, with twenty (20) minutes or more played, the game will be considered complete and the score final at the time play is suspended.  The Tournament Committee reserves the right to determine whether or not a game is to be rescheduled or to change the length of the match due to weather conditions.  The Tournament Committee will determine makeup schedules.

Rule #7 – REFEREES

All games will be officiated under the USSF approved system.  In games where only one referee is present, each team will be required to provide a linesman who is acceptable to the referee. A three (3) man system will be used in u13 and up.  All u11 and up championship games will use the three-man system

 Rule #8 – FORFEITS

Forfeits will be declared a 3-0 loss.  A game will be declared a forfeit if one or both teams scheduled to play fail to field a playable team of 7 players (11v11), 6 players (9v9) and 5 players (7v7) within the five-minute grace period of the scheduled start time.  In the event that the previous games run past the schedule starting time, the grace period shall commence at the conclusion of the previous game.  In the event of a double forfeit, each team will be charged with a loss.  A game shall be described a forfeit if a team plays an ineligible player (see Rules 1, 2, and 3).  Any team forfeiting a game will not be allowed to advance to the play-off round, nor be eligible to be declared a winner or runner-up in single bracket division (regardless of record).




All players and coaches are expected to conduct themselves within the spirit, as well as the letter, of the Laws of the game.  Players or coaches ejected from a game by the referee will not be allowed to participate in the next scheduled game.  Any spectator ejected from the field location by the referee, or directed to leave by a Field Coordinator or a member of the Tournament Committee, will not be allowed to be present during subsequent games.  The Tournament Committee reserves the right to review the referee’s decision to determine if further action is warranted.  Any player, coach, or spectator ejected due to fighting will be barred from further participation in the tournament, and their state association will be informed in writing of the infraction.  Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their team players, the team parents, and other team supporters.  Persistent unsportsmanlike behavior by any team, or its supporters, will subject the coach to disciplinary action. Two cautions (yellow card) to a player or coach in a game constitute a red card.  Anyone ejected from a game must leave the field area.  All cautions and ejections are to be reported by referees to the field coordinator.  West Deptford Soccer will report incidents of misconduct back to a team’s respective league and affiliation.  Referees are instructed to issue a caution (yellow card) to the bench for unruly or abusive behavior on the part of the spectators.  A second yellow card to the same bench for the same reason will automatically terminate play.  The Tournament Committee will decide if the game is to be replayed, continued from the point of disruption, or declared a forfeit.



Each team will play a minimum of three games.  Each team will be ranked in order of game points:

WIN     = 3 points

TIE      = 1 point

LOSS  = 0 points

One point will be subtracted for each red card issued to a player, team coach or bench.  The team with the most points finishes first.  In the event of a tie involving two or more teams, the following tie-breaking rules will apply:

  1. A) Head to head competition (when only two teams are tie).
  2. B) Bonus Points: (when 3 or more teams are tied, if 2 teams are still tied after B-1 then reverts to A,) If the two teams did not play head to head or 3 or more teams are still tied then go to B2.

1)  +1 for each Shutout recorded.  If still tied, then

2)  Goal differential bonus pts: The winning team will receive bonus points for goal differentials up to a maximum goal differential of six (6) per team per game.    (Examples: 1 to 0 is one bonus point, 4 to 2 is two bonus points, 8 to 3 is five bonus points.)   Any team having a goal differential of more than six goals will be assessed 1 negative point for each goal over 6 in that game. 1 negative point for every red card accrued during the tournament will also be assessed.

  1. C)        Least goals scored against
  2. D)        Most goals scored, maximum of 6 goals per game.
  3. E) FIFA penalty kick procedures at a field to be designated by the Tournament Committee.  In the event of games canceled by the Tournament Committee, tiebreaker rules B and C will be based on the average per the number of games actually played.


  • The game will be decided by penalty kicks, commencing within 2 minutes, with the goalie that finished regulation play. It will be a best of 5 penalty shootout. Teams must pick the 5 shooting players (from anyone that was on the field at the end of regulation) before commencing the shootout. All shots will be taken at the same goal. Penalty shots will be best of five (5) then go one (1) for one (1) using the same 5 in order till a winner is decided.


 Every attempt will be made to play all games.  In the event the tournament is canceled prior to any games being played, in compliance with policy, West Deptford Soccer will refund 80% of the team’s entry fee.  The reason for cancellation might include weather, field usage, or sponsoring organization management decision.  If a tournament is postponed or rescheduled, a new permission to host agreement must be submitted and all teams that applied to the original date will be given the opportunity to withdraw from the revised date of the tournament with a full refund of their entry fees.

If any of the three days in November are unplayable due to weather or field conditions, the tournament will be played in two days and winners will be decided by our point system.  There will be no semi-final or final matches if the tournament has to be played in two days.  If the tournament is played in two days, each team will play 3 games or receive a refund commensurate with games played.   West Deptford Soccer will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by any team if the tournament is postponed or canceled. Please check our website, for updates.


  1. In the spirit of good sportsmanship, there is a goal differential allowed per game of six (6) goals.  If a team goes above this goal differential, bonus points are taken away for that particular game (see Rule #11B).
  2. All teams are to report to the field coordinator fifteen (15) minutes prior to each match and have player passes, team roster and medical release forms available for verification.
  3. c. No coaching will be permitted within eighteen (18) yards of the goal line or from behind the goal.
  4. If opposing teams have the same or similar color uniforms, the team listed first on the schedule will be required to change.
  5. Players and coaches will be on one side of the field, and all parents and spectators will be located on the opposite side of the field.  Spectators are to stay at least five yards behind the touchline or if marked, behind the spectator line.
  6. Each team will be responsible for medical insurance coverage and treatment for each of its players.  Each coach must have proof of medical insurance medical release forms, both at the time of registration and during play. Each team, its players, parents, and other supporters participate at their own risk.
  7. There will be a general awards ceremony following each championship game by the main tent at the site of the championship game.  First and second place trophies will be awarded at the conclusion of each championship game.
  8. Any team, which fails to play in accordance with these Rules and Regulations, will not be invited back to future tournaments.
  9. i. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to reject the application of any team, if such action is in the best interests of the tournament.
  10. Situations and/or issues not covered by these Rules and Regulations which occur prior to or during the tournament will be brought to the attention of the Tournament Committee by the manager or coach of any registered team.  The Tournament Executive Committee will meet to evaluate the situation or issue.  They will make a decision as expeditiously as possible and their decision is final.
  11. k. Out of state teams must have their Permission to Travel Form signed by their USSF representative, or their association.
  12. No coach, player, or team supporter will be allowed within 18 yards of the goal line.
  13. In the spirit of sportsmanship, at the conclusion of every game each team will meet at midfield to shake hands and exchange team patches (or pins).
  14. Teams are to wear their uniform with their individual numbers on their shirts.  Uniform numbers will coincide with the listing on the team’s approved roster.  It is up to the assigned referee to determine whether a uniform change is in order.
  15. Players are expected to arrive at a match without earrings, watches, necklaces, combs, or metal barrettes.  A hair control device is permitted provided there are no knots of any kind.  Players who violate the equipment rule are subject to a caution from the referee.  A player caught on the field with illegal equipment will be cautioned by the referee and directed off the field.  Properly wrapped hard casts of any kind, or metal splints, shall be permitted only at the discretion of the referee.  Orthopedic wraps must be secured and metal rings covered with tape.  All players must wear shin guards.  No metal cleats are permitted.  Screw-on cleats must be inspected by the referee, prior to the match, for exposed areas.  Glasses shall be permitted at the discretion of the referee.  We recommend recreation specs or safety goggles.
  16. Golf Cart Policy:  Golf carts are to be driven only by persons with a valid driver’s license.
  17. The tournament director has final say in all decisions. And his/her interpretation of these rules is final.