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 Intramural Director Rick Nichols

Intramural Soccer is for boys and girls in the U10 through U12 age groups. To determine your child’s age group, click here. U9 players can play intramural with their parents’ permission.

All games are held in West Deptford. Intramural is a good option for players who want an introduction to the game or who do not want the commitment required on a traveling team.

Intramural is played with approximately 11-12 players on each team on a regulation 7 v 7 field. A youth referee is used. All of the teams are co-ed. Games are two 25 minute halves.

All players will receive a 30 minute training session conducted by expert, licensed instructors paid by the league before each game


Field Dimensions: 35 x 55 yards

Player equipment: ALL players must wear shin guards, Soccer cleats, & obtain an appropriate sized ball

Ball size: Size 4

Goalies: Yes. Punts are Not Permitted

Goal size: 7’ x 14’

Player number: 7 v 7

Jewelry: The United States Soccer Association prohibits wearing any jewelry, including earrings and necklaces, when playing soccer. Jewelry creates a danger to both the wearer and other players. For example, there have been occurrences of an earring getting caught on the sleeve of another player resulting in the ear being torn as the earring is ripped from the ear. If the ears have just been pierced and the earring cannot be removed, both the front and back of the earring MUST be covered with tape or a band-aid. This rule also applies to soccer practices and should be followed for any sporting event.

Substitutions: Unlimited, on-the fly substitutions. The player leaving the field must be off of the playing area before the new player steps onto the field.

Restart from sideline: Throw-ins. Restart after offensive team kicks ball over goal line: Will start with a goal kick. Opponent players must retreat into their half of the playing field before the restart.

Restart after defensive team kicks ball over goal line will start with a “Corner Kick”

 Offside: Modified with build out line


Fouls: Most fouls will be treated as “indirect” kicks – you cannot score on a restart. Restart can be by pass or by dribbling into the field of play. Opponent players cannot be within 10 yards of the player putting the ball back into play. The idea is to get the play moving again as quickly as possible with space created for the restart.


Intramural is played on Saturday mornings in the spring & fall, plus one or two weeknight games each week during the spring season for a total of approximately 10 games. Teams are formed in August (for Fall) and March (for Spring) and practices begin soon after. Late registrations are accepted only until the teams fill up, and only before the first game is played. Registration information is available here.

As with Micro-Mini, the most important goal is teaching good sportsmanship and introducing the children to a game that we hope they will come to love. There are no scores kept, no stats, and no standings. It is purely for fun. Please be an example of good sportsmanship at the games by cheering on all of the players on both teams and being respectful to the coaches and the referees